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I was born one Christmas morning in Victoria BC. My family was very creative and I was exposed to many different creative outlets including dance, singing, writing poetry and whatever I could do that was...simply FUN! As far back as i can remember I always gravitated to painting and drawing, like a fish to water.   But the real adventure began in my 20's as I spent many years traveling around the world, exploring different ideas, languages and cultures which influenced my creative process.  I remain a student of the world, influenced by the beauty around me creatively pursing the question...what does it mean to be human? Why are we here? Is there something more to what I touch, taste and feel?


So, what is my process? I guess it really varies at times, depending on the medium. Most times I don't paint with a destination in mind, I let the canvas dictate where it is taking me.   Occasionally I have subject in mind, this process starts with me sketching out a subject loosely in watercolor pencils, choosing colors and blocking in some greys to define the contrast in what I am looking at, and to feel out where it would like to go.


Mainly I start by mixing the colors that I want to work with.  Working quickly, I make marks freely, scribbling, adding stencils and building up layer by layer. I let the painting take shape and adjust the composition.  This involves taking risks to uncover new possibilities until I feel it is finished.  Sometimes this process takes months, other times it can come together within a couple of weeks.  The end products of these paintings are a surprise and feel very true to what they are meant to be.

I am drawn to color and the balancing of elements in my paintings.  I believe painting should be fun and have a certain amount of spontaneity that could not exist if one simply paints the same colors and subject time after time, after time, after time.....and this is why there is a big variety in my artwork as interpretations of images which simply emerge from the canvas, abstracts, nature, people, and animals.

People that inspire me include: Gustav Klimt, Salvadore Dali, Emily Carr and many other countless people that hold true to what pulls at them as they take the plunge into the unknown and create art while enjoying the process.

Art, for me, is about sharing.  That is why I am excited to teach classes and work with students throughout the year at various locations. If you are feeling stuck or need to re-connect with others on their artistic journey, I would encourage you to join me for one of my workshops.

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